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Записи с темой: интервью (список заголовков)

Отрывок из свежего интервью Эмили

I can kill demons. I can crash cars. Things are looking up! (с)
Краткое содержание: 5B - это круто-круто-круто, прям-таки психологический триллер; румбелленок весьма вероятен; Белль - сильная независимая женщина и хочет с Голдом сильных независимых отношений. Хотите - верьте, хотите - нет. :)


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I can kill demons. I can crash cars. Things are looking up! (с)
Вот тут человек рассказывает о комментариях сценаристов с ДВД, связанных с румпеле-белльско-румбелльскими сценами в 4х06 и (совсем немного) в 4х01. Ничего особо нового и интересного, но так, авторский взгляд. :)

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"Skin Deep" с комментариями Джейн Эспенсон и Роберта Карлайла)

It's Vader...

2 новых интервью с Робертом и Эмили с КомикКона

It's Vader...

I can kill demons. I can crash cars. Things are looking up! (с)
Роберт и Эмили на приеме у психолога обсуждают кинжал и наркомагию. :) Роберт на этих гифках, по-моему, тут хорош весьма и весьма. :rolleyes:

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I can kill demons. I can crash cars. Things are looking up! (с)
Выдержки из нового интервью Адама и Эдди:

TVF: I know we’ll also be meeting Belle’s mother this season…

EK: We’re going to meet Belle’s mom briefly at first but we’re going to meet her in a flashback. We’ve seen Belle when Rumple met her. We’ve seen Belle post-Rumple but we’ve never really seen her pre-Rumple so that’s what we’re going to kind of show. We’re going to see a flashback to Belle pre-Rumple that will lead up to that and kind of explain where she gets her love of books. We’re going to see where Belle got the idea of wanting to be a hero.

TVF: Will the Rumpbelle relationship will be a little shaky because of certain secrets that might come out?

AH: I wouldn’t necessarily use “shaky” as the adjective. What I would say is that all relationships are going to face challenges. In fact, I would say that the marriage we saw at the end of season three was a real marriage based on real love. The fact that there is a dark secret behind it is troubling but their love is strong at the start of it and that secret and maybe some other things will provide challenges.

(Если кратко: по первому пункту - еще раз подтвердили, что мы таки увидим в этом сезоне маму Белль, узнаем, откуда у Белль взялась любовь к книгам и желание стать героем. По второму - что-то типа того, что не стоит называть отношения в румбелле "пошатнувшимися" из-за секретов Румпеля, потому что это настоящий брак, основанный на настоящий любви, а все отношения должны проходить через испытания. В общем, как-то настолько оптимистично, а-ля "милые бранятся - только тешатся", что мне аж страшно :alles:).

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I can kill demons. I can crash cars. Things are looking up! (с)
Кому лапшички свеженькой на развес? :eyebrow: Правда, сдается мне, этот текст Адам повторяет каждый хиатус, но это порция вчерашняя: судьбе Румпеля и Белль уделят внимание в сериале! у них на Белль большие планы! надеются, что зрителям понравится!

This is where the producers will only offer up a pat, “Keep watching.” Adds Kitsis, “The fate of Rumple and Belle is something that’s going to be explored.” Since the Dark One seemingly did himself in, in the course of vanquishing Peter Pan/his father Malcolm, “There’s plenty of story we have in mind for Belle, that we hope the audience likes,” says Horowitz. “Emilie [de Ravin] is fantastic, doing some of her best work that we’ve ever seen.”

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I can kill demons. I can crash cars. Things are looking up! (с)
Отыскала полную версию интервью, решила принести в сообщество. Но, увы, с английского я тут опять не переводчик. :-( Однако, если это не домыслы журналистов, то Белль в Неверленде - так-таки плод воображения Румпеля, поэтому такой вот у нас... однорумпелевый румбелль намечается. :nope:

There is no Rumbelle on the third season of ABC’s Once Upon A Time— not in the traditional or physical sense anyway. With Rumple (Robert Carlyle) searching for Henry (Jared Gilmore) in Neverland and Belle (Emilie de Ravin) holding down the fort, so to speak, in Storybrooke, the couple can only think or reminisce about each other, not spend actual time together working on their relationship.

"[The fans seem to] want to see more of us in Fairytale Land, actually. A lot of filling in the gaps there, after he gave me the library. There’s a lot of stuff there. They just always seem to want more scenes…which is great, because we love working together, and we always seem to have really interesting scenes. And there’s always stuff to tearing us apart or pulling us back," de Ravin said when LA TV Insider Examiner visited with her in Vancouver.

And this season the show has certainly given this couple one of the more unique situations in that Belle has appeared to Rumple during his strange and emotional journey in Neverland. Since Belle is a figment, she is more made up of Rumple’s inner thoughts than Belle’s own stock and spirit, so de Ravin did admit her approach to embodying that new version of the character is slightly different than the Belle we have seen in other places.

"She comes back to Neverland quite frequently…[Rumple]’s going off to his death, so he thinks, and as you can see even from him magically changing into a more dark one costume in the first episode, you can see him slowly progressing more back that way, because he thinks it’s the only way for him to save Henry. He’s going to die anyway. She’s always been the good one on his shoulder, and she can bring out the best in him, and maybe try and reason with him, instead of him going deeper and deeper into his darkness. She’s basically trying to help him, as per usual." de Ravin said.

"It’s been fun because I’ve done that and the Lacey bit. And of course we all have our Fairytale Land characters, which are always a little different to the Storybrooke, even though it’s the same person playing them in the fairytale manner."

The first few episodes of the season focus on these characters physically split apart, with Belle becoming a source of information in Storybrooke— when we finally do see those remaining characters again.

"I just did a really cool episode in Storybrooke, so it was fun to get back to that Belle…She has to be quite responsible. There’s a lot on her shoulders with her cloaking spell in hand. She’s always been an independent woman [but] she’s just always hanging out with [Rumple]. I don’t think that’s ever trampled on her independence. I think it’s almost lifted it in a sense.

Whether or not we actually get to see more backstory for Rumbelle is to be determined later in the season, but though she has spent less time with her character than the actors who started in season one, de Ravin felt like she certainly knew a decent amount already but hopes that the fans will get what they want in seeing more of her past— and that it comes with a little more action.

"I would love to learn more about her past. I think there are some unanswered questions about her past, with her family situation. She’s got daddy-issues," de Ravin said.

"I would like to do a bit more of the adventurous side of Belle in Fairytale Land. And I believe that is hopefully going to happen soon. A bit more sword-wielding and dagger-stabbing!" (с)

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